During a trip that lasts about 1 hour, hikers walk through the natural garden of the Torres del Paine National Park. Where among Chauras, Mata Barrosa and Thorny Bushes, which for thousands of years have sought the light of the Sun, escaping the shadows of ancient forests to create the perfect garden, as if it had been made by human hands. The walkers find themselves in a magical garden where at the end of it the prize is even more splendid when they finally face one of the most beautiful mountain formations on the Planet. Spiritually surrounded by this magical place, tourists will feel the heart of the Rock Mosaic in Patagonia that is exalted above all other beauty, El Mirador Cuernos del Paine is without a doubt one of the places that will leave you breathless.

Experience Trail between Pudeto and Cuernos Viewpoint with GreatChile

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