Bordering Pehoe Lake, we can see our next destination: a stunning waterfall called Salto Grande (Big Jump). To get to its lookout, this time we decided to transport by car, as many tourists do visiting the area, and use the pier that connects the lake to Pudeto sector.

Although it is an easy walk to the lookout, they warned us that the cold and strong wind could play us a trick. For that reason, we wear a warm coat, hat and waterproof pants so that nothing prevents us from enjoying this attraction.

Just two kilometers from the main road, the Salto Grande lookout surprises with its imposing water flow that comes from Lake Nordenskjöld. It also impacts the surrounding landscape, still marked by the ravages caused by 2011 fire. Burned trunks and eroded soil are the silent witnesses of a tragedy that killed thousands of green hectares. Still, the view is beautiful.

We were mesmerized by the 10 meters high waterfall that merges with Pehoe Lake, so much so that at moments we forget the wind that constantly hits our clothes and the hunger we start to feel in our stomachs. And without warning, we are taken out of the spell by an Argentinian tourist who greets us kindly, encouraging us to visit the Cuernos Lookout. Getting there will just take us an hour. Let’s go?