How should I dress for my visit to Torres del Paine?

The appropriate choice of clothing is essential to fully enjoy your experience in Torres del Paine. Here we provide you with key information:

In Torres del Paine it is possible to experience all four seasons … in one day! For this reason, it is very important to wear appropriate clothing for every occasion and be protected against strong gusts of wind, rain and even snow.


  • Synthetic pola cap (dries faster than wool).
  • Polar Neck or bandana
  • Sunglasses with UV protection
  • Sun block factor 45 minimum
  • Chapstick

Upper Body

  • Dry fit T-shirt: the advantage of special fibers is that they dry very fast and the body doesn’t cool.
  • Polar jacket or fleece: not to be missed, protects against the wind.
  • Waterproof Jacket: Gore-tex protects from rain while allowing sweat to evaporate so the body doesn’t cool.
  • Polar gloves: wear two pairs ideally.


  • Fast drying fiber legs or tights
  • Waterproof pants (Gore-tex)
  • Shorts for hot temperatures
  • Polar Pants for campsites
  • Down jacket for campsites


  • Polar or polypropylene socks.
  • Hiking shoes: preferably short-leg ones.Try them at least one week in advance to check comfort.
  • Slippers: for the base campsites and for resting your feet.
  • Gaiters (optional): to cover the bottom of the trousers and boots and prevent mud, water or snow penetrating into the socks.

For Sleeping

  • Sleeping bag: in Patagonia the only thing that works without concern is synthetic fiber. Sleeping bags from 0 ° to 20 ° are sufficient.
  • Insulating Mat: Portable and lightweight, insulates the cold and humid soil. You can lease ones in Puerto Natales or with the same tourist agencies.

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