You won’t find ATMs in Torres del Paine Park. Therefore, we recommend you to withdraw money in Puerto Natales, where you can find ATMs in banks, pharmacies and casino.

Banco de Chile

  • Avenida Bulnes 544, Puerto Natales.
  • Avenida Bulnes 691, Puerto Natales.

Banco Santander

  • Manuel Bulnes 596, Puerto Natales.

Casino de juegos

  • Avenida Bories Nº 314, Puerto Natales.


You won’t find currency exchange offices in Torres del Paine Park, so we recommend you convert your money in Puerto Natales. Business hours: 10 am to 3 pm. Shops and commerce usually closes during lunch time.

To find the exchange rate in Chile, visit the Central Bank of Chile’s website. (

Cambios Mili

  • Phone: +56 61 2411262
  • Address: Blanco Encalada 266, Puerto Natales, Chile.


  • Phone: +56 61 2412197
  • Address: Manuel Bulnes 692, Puerto Natales, Chile.

Stop Cambios

  • Phone: +56 61 2411393
  • Address: Baquedano 386, Puerto Natales, Chile.

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