The big circuit, also known as “O”- or fool loop- is a trek that can’t be taken lightly. A 93 kilometers challenge- the most extreme in Torres del Paine National Park- which at least would take us eight days to complete, and two others to recover from the hard walks. This might sound discouraging, but there are so many recommendations we have received from those who experienced this trek, that we don’t hesitate including it in our next visit to the park, when we are in good shape.

In addition to good physical conditions, the O circuit also requires tents, sleeping bags, food, guide and equipment. It starts at the main park entrance at Laguna Amarga until Las Torres sector, from where a four-hour walk is undertaken to Seron Campsite, where the day ends. According to what they have told us, it is a very beautiful low-difficulty route, where you can spot ancient glaciers and cross through a forest of lengas, coigües and ñirres.

From the second day, the circuit gets harder. First, with the stretch that connects Seron campsite with Dickson shelter and then with a hard walk through Paso John Gardner 1200 meters above sea level, which rewards travelers with a spectacular view to Campos de Hielo Sur. The next journeys of the circuit are reserved for Los Perros Campsite, Grey Glacier, French Valley and finally Las Torres base, from where you can see the spectacular massifs, the main features of the park, if the weather allows it.

The O circuit, which is done widdershins, also includes the popular W circuit, which we could explore in the next few days if you dare. Was that the route that your family and friends strongly reccomended you before traveling to Torres del Paine?