Serrano River Tourist Village

-You have it, go, go, go! - I scream to you excited, unable to avoid flapping with the arms. Hours of patient waiting finally bear its fruit and masterfully you are pulling the rod and its line to capture a beautiful Chinook salmon of about 12 kilos. Already in your hands, you gently fold the lure of the fish's mouth and proudly model for the photo that I take you with the incredible Paine mountain range that lies behind you. What a good idea you had to pause here! - you tell me with a huge smile on your face. I, who knew about your love for fly fishing, could not avoid bringing you to Rio Serrano Village.

This village, or more popularly known as "pueblito" Serrano, is the gateway to Torres del Paine Park. It is located 80 kilometers from Puerto Natales and is frequented by tourists seeking tranquility, privileged nature and local activities. In addition to fishing, you can also ride horses or trek through the Magellan pampa, a fabulous opportunity to go into forests of beech and ñirres, breathe fresh air and gaze guanacos, huemul and caiquenes.

Of course, this 38 kilometers long river also seeks to be sailed. In its calm waters you can paddle in kayak and other boats to enjoy even more the stay. From Puerto Natales, some people come to this town through its river, sailing through the Ultima Esperanza fjord to reach Balmaceda Mount, from where they go to Serrano Glacier.