W Trek Circuit

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Discover one of the most impressive places in the world with GreatChile, our official tour operator in Torres del Paine.


Live the W Circuit experience in Torres del Paine,
one of the most famous trekking in the world

If your dream is to come to Torres del Paine and get to know the main wonders of this national park, the W Circuit is ideal. Together with GreatChile, our official tour operator in Torres del Paine, we will travel together for 5 days around 70 kms of intense trekking. If you want to meet and share with other tourists,you can choose to sleep in the comfortable refugees, , or if you are an adventurous , stay at the campsites under the starry mantle of Patagonia.

Before leaving, you must consider the luggage: pack a comfortable and light backpack, with only what is necessary for the long walks during the 5 days. Once here, let yourself be carried away by the adventurous spirit that is breathed in Torres del Paine and get ready to know the Eighth Wonder of the World like never before.

The interesting thing is that we offer you different alternatives to connect all the points of the W circuit: you can start sailing by the Grey Lake, arriving directly to the Las Torres Refuge, leaving by the beautiful waters of the Pehoé Lake to arrive to Pudeto, place where you can take the bus back to Puerto Natales and several other combinations. This will allow you to create an unforgettable memory of this incredible experience.

In short, there are 5 days in which we will cover different stretches that you will love according to your choice at the time of purchase. We will take you through the vast Patagonian plains to different refuges that adjoin the main attractions of the park: lenga forests, the base of the towers, trails where the sky of Lake Nordenskjöld contrasts abruptly with the diverse range of green flora of the place, hanging glaciers, among others. You can witness the impressive avalanches, the immensity of nature at unimaginable levels. You will get to know Grey Lake, its glacier, places where the mountain range, the water, the iceberg and the sand merge into a shocking picture. An unforgettable, unpredictable and majestic trip.

You will feel satisfied after traveling more than 60 kilometers during 5 days of trekking, an achievement that you will never forget.

What is the difference between the O Circuit and the W Circuit?

If you check the maps of each circuit you will see that the W is also part of the O Circuit, so if you dare to do the latter you will do both circuits. The good thing about the W Circuit is that you visit the main attractions of Torres del Paine National Park and it is much faster and more bearable than the O Circuit.

Accommodations: Camp sites or shelters?

We have options: lodging only in campsites, only in shelters and combining both. The W Circuit is much better prepared, always giving the option of sleeping in shelters or well-equipped cabins. There are restaurants, small shops, WIFI and first class cabins.

What clothes to wear?

If we talk about basic equipment for months like july, august or september, we recommend you:

  • 50-70l backpack
  • Tent of campaign
  • Winter sleeping bag
  • Inflatable mattress
  • Camping gas and accessories (razor, etc)
  • First aid kit, where ibuprofen cannot be missing
  • Several t-shirts, a pair of socks a day, underwear.
  • Two long pants
  • Goretex fleece and raincoat if possible
  • A primaloft or feathers for cold. At night the temperature drops quite a bit
  • Hat, head should always be warm
  • Gloves if you don’t go by summer
  • High cane boots. Although it is possible to do it with trial shoes prepared for the water , we do not recommend them.
  • Crossing poles
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • GPS and flashlight with batteries for several days

Some data:

  • Coordinates: S50º 57.968′ W72º 52.011′
  • Type: circular
  • Distance: 70 km approx
  • Approximate duration: 5 days
  • Total ascent: 6.517m
  • Total descent: 6.572m
  • Maximum altitude: 1.201m