Since you announced to your family and friends your trip to Torres del Paine National Park, you haven’t stopped receiving recommendations on the popular W circuit, baptized with that letter by the way the route is done when crossing the valleys of Ascencio, French and Grey Glacier. And now, when you finally find yourself in this wonderful sanctuary, you can’t help but have certain apprehensions about your abilities to embark on the challenge you were so advised on.

– I’m in shape, but far from being an experienced mountaineer – you confess me doubtfuly, as wanting me to tell you the contrary.

And that’s exactly what I say. The W circuit is popular with tourists because it doesn’t require great physical skills to do it. However, there are points that I must clarify before you start the adventure which you must consider in order to enjoy the fascinating landscapes of this journey.

First of all, consider hiking about 8 hours a day. As you heard, our feet will be protagonists. Here the key factor is the resistance, but we have in our favor properly marked trails and enough points of supply at campsites, lodges, cabins and hotels that we will find on the road.

Another aspect to consider is the climate that is constantly changing and that can extend our travel time from 4 to 6 days. Fortunately, we are in December, the month considered to be the best time to visit the park due to the duration of the days, more sun and less tourists. Oh, I almost forgot! In places like the French Valley, wind gusts can reach 100 kilometers per hour, which is not dangerous, but it is better to know in advance so you be aware of.

Having said this, I think its time to decide. The W circuit may seem a bit tiring, but worth it because it is a path that leads through unique forests, glaciers, rivers, flora and fauna. Without exaggerating, I promise you that the beauty and majesty of the park are memories to treasure for a lifetime.

If you accept the challenge, and to make the best of the tour, I propose to begin our journey from Grey Shelter, continue through Paine Grande, the French Valley, the Chileno Campsite and finally reach Las Torres base, our gold brooch with the contemplation of the magnificent peaks that govern this park. Also, if we do so, it will be easier to return to Puerto Natales. So, what do you think? Are we going?