Southern Ice Fields

The third largest water reserve on the planet is located in the Southern Ice Fields, a huge mass of ice that crosses the regions of Aysén and Magallanes with its 13 thousand square kilometers and 370 km in length. An extensive white mantle that is also present in Torres del Paine Park with its glaciers Dickson, Gray, Pingo, Zapata and Tyndall, from north to south.

To date, Dr. Pablo Besser and his team have been the only mountaineers to cross longitudinally the Southern and Northern Ice Fields, a feat that they carried out at the end of 1998. And few are the pioneers who currently inhabit these frigid and wonderful lands, unfortunately Unknown to many Chileans.

Considering that glaciers only cover 10% of the continents, the possibility of appreciating a close up is really a privilege. In Torres del Paine Park the opportunity is present with the glacial Gray, which is possible to visit in two ways: in an intimate way through a catamaran that will take you directly to its walls of ice or in the distance, from the charming viewpoint that is Located on Gray Lake.