Waters of gray and green tones that simply amaze...

Located at the foot of Los Cuernos, this lake is a true painting due to the green color of its waters and the imposing beauty that surrounds it. Its turquoise waters flow south towards the Salto Grande waterfall and empty into Lake Pehoe.

Surrounded by granite mountains, a large amount of wildlife lives along the lake, including foxes, pumas and guanacos. Its name honors Otto Nordenskjöld, a Swedish naturalist who toured the area in 1898. It is 200 meters deep, which allows navigation and other sports practices.

Let yourself be inspired at the Nordenskjold Viewpoint, which offers an unforgettable view of the lake and the surrounding mountains. To get there, you must walk along a path through fields of wildflowers. It also brings you closer to the Salto Grande waterfall.