French Valley

What is needed for a trekking through the French Valley? Being in good shape, rain attire, strong shoes and, of course, the willingness to walk. Fulfilling all that, we were assured we wouldn’t have problems completing this trek of medium difficulty.

We started the adventure with a little more than two hours walk from the Pehoe Shelter to the Italian Campsite, where we take a few moments to rest, to use the bathrooms and eat our lunch (there is no food for sale in this stop). Our guide warns us that the rest of the way up to the French Valley will become somewhat steep and snowy, so he asks us to pay attention to our footsteps.

We walk an hour and a half along a path that rises in some stretches, crossing a lenga, downspouts and open areas forest to finally reach the French Lookout. As if it was a huge natural amphitheater, from there we will delight us with a breathtaking view of Paine Grande, the park's largest mountain range. We can also see the glaciers and have the privilege of witnessing the release of some ice blocks, which fall resounds throughout the valley. Of course, the most majestic of all these ice giants is the French Glacier, which steals our eyes until it is time to return through the same path.