After a 154 kilometers trip northeast of Puerto Natales, our adventurous spirit rejoices with the idea of arriving to a paradise of 227,298 hectares and exceptional geography of imposing massifs, virgin forests and turquoise lakes. With a strong windgust and an indigo painted sky, Torres del Paine Park welcomes and invites us to discover the reason why it is recognized as one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Our starting point in this adventure is Serrano entrance, where I last check our supplies and I mention something that you classify as an exaggeration: be prepared to go to a landscape that will change without notice. This is because from vast plains inhabited by rheas, guanacos and pumas, we will move suddenly to thick and centennial beech forests. We will move a little more and the path will become rocky, gray and steep, as if in minutes we had transported to another planet.

Without noticing it, we walked for hours until our feet warn us that is time for a deserved rest. From the top of a ravine, we see the green Ascencio Valley and prepare for our next stop, the Chilean Campsite. The park can be toured in hours or days, in simple routes of few hours or extreme challenges, such as the W or the O circuit. Since we only have one day, we decide to make a stretch of light difficulty to the top. Here we go!

When we return to visit Torres del Paine, I’ll show you some amazing places! We’ll go to Cuernos Lookout, the Pingo River and, of course, the Grey Lake that will amaze you with the glacier that crowns one end. When we get there, we will give us a little treat and cross the lake by catamaran. Together we will enjoy a pisco sour made with ancient ice, those who we ignore how much longer they will be with us, and we will get lost among glaciers, turquoise waters and blue skies.

The last part of our journey becomes even more beautiful with the sun’s company. After 45 minutes of arduous trek from Torres Campsite finally we reach to what is considered a must stop for anyone visiting the park: Las Torres Base, where we witness the three yellow beaks that Tehuelches nomads who inhabited those lands feared so much.

Given those exceptional cathedrals of granite shrouded in clouds and vapors, an impish smile escapes from your lips when you discover that the photos of the park you saw on the internet don’t do justice to the majesty of the towering massifs and pristine landscapes that stand before you.

Come and see, we have treeking circuits and much more.