Glacier Grey Ice Hike (October to April)

per person CLP$ 106.900 :: USD$165
Until further notice
We report the suspension of access to the Torres of the Paine National Park for domestic and foreign visitors.
This is meant to be a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Source (spanish): Conaf


An unforgettable panorama: Glacier Grey Ice Hike

Live the unique experience of walking on the ice of the Grey Glacier. This activity is carried out from October to April in 2 schedules leaving the Refugio Grey.






Ice Hike includes:

  • Helmet
  • Backpack
  • Piolet
  • Harness
  • Crampons
  • Snack

Does not Include:

  • Entrance Ticket to Torres del Paine National Park
  • Transport
  • Accident insurance


Itinerary Ice Hike

The first part of the trip involves taking a speedboat to the Nunatak island, where we can begin to hike for an hour to access the glacier safely.

After hiking on the Nunatak island, the guide will help you adjust your ice axe, crampons, helmet and harness correctly.

Once the clients are ready we can begin this incredible adventure, hiking on the Grey glacier for around two and a half hours, observing crevasses, rivers, lagoons, tunnels and peculiar ice caves.

This walk requires being in good physical condition.


Option 2: Touching The Ice                        Price: $ 55,000 (85 USD)

This is a shorter and less demanding version than the ice walk, which allows you to make contact with the Grey Glacier.

This tour takes 3 hours, also with two daily departures.

The first part is done in zodiac for approximately 20 minutes from our base camp Grey with the aim of approaching the island called Nunatak. When arriving at this island the passengers will walk about an hour on rock and thus be able to arrive at a set with a complete view to the Grey Glacier.

The guide in charge of this excursion is a geologist who will soak in the attractive formation and processes of glaciers. When you arrive at the viewpoint you will have time to take pictures if you wish and you will be given a snack with a hot drink to recharge your batteries and start the descent again to the zodiac and then to the base, sailing another 20 minutes.

Includes: Walking stick – Snack.


Minimum:2 persons
Duration:5 hours

Price per person

  • Hice Hiking         $ 106,900 (165 USD)
  • Touching the Ice $55,000 (85 USD)

Rates valid until April 30, 2020

Age: 14 – 65 years

Minimum 2 passengers and maximum 12 passengers

Cancellations or No show

Cancellations 48 hours in advance without charge.

Cancellations within 24 hours are considered No Show, 100% charge

Conditions of Service Security

Whether due to weather conditions or road conditions (roads) that do not offer the minimum security guarantees for a safe operation, our provider reserves the right to cancel the service

Acceptance of Risk Activity

The passenger declares to know and understand the risks involved in participating in adventure tourism activities, which can not be completely eliminated, even when there is compliance with safety standards accredited by the service provider, which aim to reduce risks that the development of this activity involves.

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