How to visit Torres del Paine in times of Covid?

Many people wonder if it is safe or not to travel to Torres del Paine National Park in these times and the answer is Yes! As an outdoor, uncrowded, remote destination, it’s a safe place to vacation and connect with yourself in these challenging times.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from our passengers, which can help you better plan your trip to this fascinating destination.

What documentation do I need to bring?

To enter the Magallanes Region where the park is located, you must have a mobility pass or otherwise you can show a negative PCR carried out in Chile where the sample collection cannot exceed 72 hours prior to the trip.

On the other hand, all foreigners who wish to enter Chile, and who have already validated their vaccination schedule on the website, must submit a sworn statement at least 48 hours before boarding on the C19 website. cl.

Along with this, they must have a negative PCR up to 72 hours before the trip.
In addition, they must have medical insurance with a minimum coverage of USD$30,000.

Upon entering the country, they must remain isolated until they have the result of the PCR test carried out after entering Chile.

Foreigners without a Mobility Pass may also enter the country, as long as they fall under some of the causes included in Decree 102 of the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security, that is, crews, foreigners in transit, diplomatic personnel, etc. In these cases, mandatory isolation will be extended for seven days.

What border crossings are enabled for entry?

• Arturo Merino Benitez Airport
• Iquique Airport
• Antofagasta Airport
• Punta Arenas Airport

From December 22, 2021:
• Futaleufú pass, Los Lagos region
• Paso Huemules, Aysén region
• Jeinimeni pass, Aysén region
• Monte Aymond pass, Magallanes region and
of the Chilean Antarctic
• Paso Los Libertadores, Valparaíso region

How to circulate inside the Park safely?

To use the viewpoints, you must wear a mask and try to maintain social distance from other users. Refrain from accessing the viewpoint if the number of people does not allow keeping distance between people.

The mandatory use of masks is also required in closed rooms, means of transport, services
hygienic, viewpoints or where there are more people with whom you cannot keep
the distance recommended by the Ministry of Health.

When making excursions on trails, the minimum distance between people of one (1) meter must be respected. It is allowed not to use the mask as long as the physical distance between the people in the group is maintained. In case of crossing paths with other visitors and the proper distance cannot be maintained, a mask must be worn.

Also, you should avoid having direct contact with park rangers, concession workers, and others. Disinfect your personal items, such as backpacks, clothes, bottles, among others, before and after daily activity.

What sightseeing tours are available?

Most of our excursions are available, including the W circuit, Base Torres and Gray Navigation. You can review our excursions in the links:

How is the weather at this time?

Despite the fact that it is summer, being in the extreme south, the weather in Torres del Paine is very variable, so we recommend you bring clothing in layers and be prepared for both the sun and torrential rains and a lot of wind.

You can also review our list of useful tips.

Can drones be used?

Torres del Paine National Park is undoubtedly a place of unparalleled beauty and many try to get the best shots of this wonder of the world. But did you know that the use of drones in almost all National Parks and Nature Reserves in Chile is prohibited?
The use of these devices not only disturbs the local fauna, but can fall anywhere and cause debris. A drone blown down by the wind can result in a lot of pollution.
If you want to fly a drone, you must request authorization.

Can you enter the park with pets?

It is important that you know that pets or domestic animals are not allowed to enter the Park, as they can disturb the wildlife.
Let’s take care of our landscapes.

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