The commune of Puerto Natales is the capital of the province of Ultima Esperanza. Its strategic location allows tourists to consider Pto. Natales as their center of operations and from there to explore the wonderful landscapes of Patagonia.

I. Municipality of Puerto Natales

The discovery of the area was led by the Spanish captain Juan Ladrillero at the end of the year 1557. From this date, more than four hundred years had to pass before the colonization of the territory began with the arrival of the German Hermann Eberhard, in 1892.

The Municipality of Puerto Natales is located in front of the main square of the city and occupies an English-style house from the early twentieth century.

Museum of Puerto Natales

The museum has historical pieces and documents dating back 12,000 years with the arrival of the first bands of pedestrian hunter-gatherers. The exhibition continues through the culture of the aboriginal peoples, Aónikenk and Kaweshkar, and ends in the 1930s with the testimonies of the colonization and its precursors.

The Museum is divided into 5 areas:

History and Primitive Environments
Colonization time
Rural life
City Life
Carabineros sovereignty
In the museum facilities you can access tourist information about Puerto Natales and its surroundings, such as accommodation and excursions.

Ilustre Municipalidad de Puerto Natales

The Municipality has a Tourist Information Office and Historical Museum a few blocks from the square.

  • Eberhard 457, Pto. Natales
  • (56 - 61) 411129
Oficina de Turismo y Museo Histórico
  • Bulnes 285, Puerto Natales

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