Turismo Lago Grey

Lautaro Navarro 1077, Punta Arenas (56-61) 2712100 info@turismolagogrey.com http://www.turismolagogrey.com/


    Turismo Lago Grey is a Tour Operator with over 15 years of outstanding experience and recognition in Chilean Patagonia.

    Different tourism programs are offered, including transfer, private and regular excursions, hotel and restaurant reservations, car rental, and air tickets.

    They have comfortable vehicles, qualified, responsible, and nice drivers and guides who provide customized, safe and high-quality services.

    Among the programs and excursions they offer, we would like to highlight:

    Excursions in Torres del Paine

    + Voyage by the Grey Glacier
    + Excursion to Paine Viewpoints and Waterfalls
    + Las Torres Base
    + Trekking to the French Valley, among others
    Excursions in Puerto Natales

    + Puerto Bories Museum
    + Full Day at Torres del Paine National Park
    + Excursion to the Milodon Cave
    + Voyage by Balmaceda and Serrano Glaciers
    Excursions in Punta Arenas

    + Voyage to Magdalena Island
    + Fort Bulnes
    + City Tour by Punta Arenas
    + Penguin Breeding Sites at Otway Seaway
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    • Tour to Torres del Paine park
    • Navigation to glaciers
    • Trekking
    • Integral Tourism Service